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About Demeter

Demeter, Inc. was started with the idea that Precision Agriculture can be cost-effective and attainable by all levels of the agriculture community. We provide solutions that make sense for everyone from large farm ag in North America to smallholder farms in the developing world.
Our Company

We develop real-world solutions for data collection and common sense analytics in an effort to better feed the world. Our products are designed with farmers in mind so that they can reap the maximum benefit from what they sow.

Our Goal

Our goal is to give each and every farmer, no matter how large or how small, a distinct advantage when making decisions about fertilization, pest control and water application. And we share the farmer's goal to feed his family, his community and his world.


Aerial View

The ability to take crop assessments from the air is a huge benefit. With real-time NDVI data and other data sensors, decisions about crop health become much better informed. The Helios low impact, high resolution aerial system makes short term and long term decision making efficient and accurate.

Environment & Sustainability

Conservation of resources through efficient, targeted application of fertilizer, pesticides and water go a long way toward providing our environment with a healthier outlook and our farmers with a more profitable outlook. Demeter is focused on keeping these things at the forefront of everything we do.

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