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Latest News 

Product Development

February 2015

Demeter, Inc. has entered into an agreement with Jain Irrigation Systems Limited to develop and test products specifically designed for small plot farmers in the developing world.

Sensor and Systems Testing 

September 2014

Demeter, Inc. has begun testing and implementation of its high resolution NDVI sensor at Sunset Hills Vineyard in Purcellville, VA. Further platform testing is set to take place in the spring of 2015.


Demeter, Inc. CEO Keynote Address

April 2015

Demeter, Inc. CEO, Dr. Terry Hofecker, was one of two keynote speakers at the Chicago International Trade Commissioners Association (CITCA) program in Columbus, Ohio on April 27-29, 2015.  The two and a half day program focused on international trade opportunities in the aerospace field from an Ohio-based context.  CITCA represents trade commissioners from more than 40 countries across the globe.  Demeter was featured as a new start-up because of its unique product blend for developed and developing nations.  The other keynote was Dr. David Williams, Dean of the College of Engineering at the Ohio State University.

Practical solutions for the

agricultural world

Products and Services
About us

Demeter, Inc. was started with the idea that Precision Agriculture can be cost-effective and attainable by all levels of the agriculture community. We provide solutions that make sense for everyone from large farm ag in North America to smallholder farmers in the developing world.

Unmanned Systems
and Sensors

Demeter and Alta Systems Agreement

October 2015

Demeter, Inc. is pleased to announce we have signed a Teaming Agreement with Alta Systems of Miami, Florida for the joint development and sales of a SmartBalloon™ and sensor package that will be used for agricultural, marine and forestry purposes.  This will be an affordable augment to our HELIOS line of heavy duty agricultural aerostats.

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